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Our Covid-19 Strategy

We recognize that this is a difficult, trying and even scary time for many, and it may be some time before we can get back to normal. Nonetheless, Inscript Self-Publshing Services remains committed to serving you and helping you get your book to market. As challenging a time as this is, it is also a tremendous opportunity for those of us with a evangelical mindset to comfort, guide, and share the message of hope and faith in Jesus Christ. There is no better time than now to minister to the masses, and books that preach hope, faith, and power in Christ are a very important part of that effort.

To that end, Inscript continues to remain in operation throughout this crisis. Although we are located in a state where the government has ordered a mandatory shutdown of nonessential businesses, the nature of our business is such that there is no danger of contracting the virus or spreading it to others, as all of our team members are currently teleworking. We have also advised all of our team members to observe current CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and hand-washing, and to comply with all orders in their jurisdictions regarding shelter-in-place.

We do expect some minimal impacts on our business. There may be delays with shipping books to authors and customers, and we expect some delays in printing due to printing facilities either closing or reducing staff due to the outbreak.

This is an unprecedented time, but not an insurmountable one. A fight is being waged on the front lines by government, hospitals and medical facilities, and first responders. But the most important fight is in the hands of the people of God. We call on all who read this message to pray unceasingly, have faith, and do not fear. Things may seem out of control right now, but God is still on the throne.

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