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Inscript publishes a full range of book types, including those with black & white and color photographs and illustrations. The following information is important if you are considering sending a book to us, or to any other publishing company, that contains photos and/or illustrations.

We do not provide in-house photographic or illustration services for book interiors. If you want either in your book, you must provide them (we'll call them artwork going forward). If you want us to engage a photographer or an illustrator on your behalf, the services of the artist will be billed separately and is not included in our standard publishing pricing. If this is what you want, please contact us prior to submitting a web form so that we can find out your specific needs.

If you are providing artwork, please note that if the artwork is created by anyone other than yourself, we will need permission to publish from the person or entity who created the artwork. Downloading images from the web or from social media is, in most cases, a copyright violation and will not be allowed in any publication we produce. Some exceptions are if the image is in the public domain, or if the image has been downloaded from a stock image site and the appropriate license has been obtained. Professional portraits of yourself for the book cover are allowed.

Also, please note that if any artwork contains images of identifiable people, you will need permission to publish of each person depicted in the photograph(s). If your artwork contains images of private property, you may also need permission for that. Finally, we may need to review each photograph before publication to ensure that the content is appropriate and in keeping with our publishing standards and quality.

All artwork must be submitted to us digitally and with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (.jpg, .png, or .ps work best for us). If artwork is submitted to us, similar artwork may have to be submitted for the cover design to ensure continuity of imagery (this is especially true with children's books).

If you submit or require color artwork for the interior, then you are esentially requesting a color interior, which you should note when requesting services on the web form. We do not provide hybrid B&W and color interiors.

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