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Born from Silence, a Christian Poetry collection by Mark Anthony Grubb
Fresh Fruit: Meditations on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Joy Formula

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Inscript Publishing Services is a self-publishing and copy editing service of Dove Christian Publishers. Inscript helps to get undiscovered authors to the market by providing affordable self-publishing services, including printing, binding, copy editing, cover design, interior design and distribution of their books. However, Inscript differs from the typical self-publishing company in the following ways:

Self-Publishing Services Provided

Interior book layout and design
Assign ISBN number
Request Library of Congress Control Number
Affix bar code
Custom web page on Dove Christian Publishers' web site
Copyright Registration
Copy Editing and Content Editing
Cover Design
Regular information and updates to help you promote and market your book
Competitive royalties on books sold through our website, in bookstores, and on other online markets
U.S. and International Distribution to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, and dozens of other sites
Publishing in hardback, softcover and/or e-Book
Free author copies
Web promotions, including advertising, social media posts, and review solicitation

Our books are distributed and sold on the following markets:

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