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Inscript Publishing Services is a self-publishing and copy editing service of Dove Christian Publishers. Inscript helps to get undiscovered authors to the market by providing affordable self-publishing services, including printing, binding, copy editing, cover design, interior design and distribution of their books. However, Inscript differs from the typical self-publishing company in the following ways: There are many “synonyms” of self-publishing services in the book industry today, including author service companies, vanity publishers, subsidy publishers, and increasingly, independent publishers (although independent publishers can apply to small or medium-sized publishers who are not connected to a large corporation). No matter what you call it, self-publishing is when the author finances all or the majority of the costs of a book.

Inscript’s mission is to assist authors who have challenges with being accepted by or succeeding with a traditional publishing company. Some of those challenges are:
Of course, it is erroneous to think that self-publishing companies, in general, do not care about the challenges above. However, since the book is being financed by the author, they are more likely to accept an author with these challenges.

Although Inscript is a young imprint, having been established in 2017, our team has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. Inscript is headed by Louis Jones, who, in addition to his publishing duties, is also an author, minister; and entreprenuer.

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